Fraud Prevention

Protect Yourself From Fraud

The best way to avoid fraud is to educate yourself on the common methods of fraud. We have helpful hints, tips and advice for you on this page.

Email Fraud
Email Fraud
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Phone Fraud
Phone Fraud
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Card Fraud
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Online Fraud
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Fraud Stories
Fraud Stories
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Advertising Scams
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You Can Download or Read Our Fraud Awareness Booklet Here

Fraudulent Phone Calls Regarding Our Car Draw

We have become aware of a person receiving multiple calls to say they won in our recent car draw, which they did not. Despite us naming the true winner in the live streams and social media videos, a scammer is trying to gather information by falsely claiming they are a representative of Altura Credit Union and calling to inform the member they won - which they did not.

For clarity, the most recent car draw winner was Ciarán Barnes. We have contacted Mr. Barnes & made arrangements with him regarding his win. 

If you receive any calls to say you have won a competition or prize in the name of Altura Credit Union - treat them with suspicion. You can hang up and call us on 053 94 88700 (All areas) - we will then speak to you regarding this. However, we have tried and tested methods of contacting members who are lucky enough to win.

Please do not disclose any personal information, no matter how harmless you believe it may be, over the phone to an unexpected and unsolicited caller purporting to be from Altura Credit Union.

  • We will NEVER call you from a mobile number. 
  • We will NEVER ask you to make any decisions about any Car/Prize won over the phone.
  • We will NEVER make multiple call to you regarding any Car/Prize won.
  • Only members who subscribe to, and pay €5 Monthly deduction, are included in the Car Draw.

If in doubt, END THE CALL. You can call us on 053 9488700 to verify the subject of any calls received.

Stay safe, protect your data and protect your account.

Suspected Fraud

If you suspect fraud, contact card services 24/7 on 01 693 3333. If our offices are open - you can also contact us directly on 053 94 88700 (All Areas).

Top Tips

Tip #1

Use online banking or our app to regularly check your transactions and balances. If you see something suspicious call card services immediately on 01 693 3333 (line open 24/7).

Tip #2

Altura Credit Union will NEVER call, email or Text you asking you to provide your one time passcode or debit card information in order to confirm a recent transaction.

Tip #3

Altura Credit Union will NEVER send you messages requesting you to click a link to review or block a fraudulent transaction on your account, or advise that you are locked out of your account.

Tip #4

Altura Credit Union will NEVER ask you for the full 16 digits of your debit card number.

Tip #5

NEVER divulge your One Time Passcode (OTP) for card transactions or when you are setting up Apple or Google Pay onto a smart phone.

Tip #6

If you have doubts about the validity of the caller, simply hang up and source the phone number for that company to make contact.

Tip #7

Altura Credit Union will never email and ask you to enter your debit card number, login details or any personal information anywhere. If you are in doubt, always delete emails of this nature.

Tip #8

Black Friday & Cyber Monday or other sales are always tempting. If a deal looks too good to be true - it probably is. A lot of the fake businesses that scam members are selling through social media ads. This is something to be particularly wary of. Always use a known, reputable business..