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Whether you are looking at a new car or a used car, there are so many options. With an Altura loan you have the freedom to check out all the cars for sale, no ties to a particular dealership. second hand cars are harder to find and are increasing in value due to ongoing shortages. By getting your credit union car loan approved, you can shop in the confidence that the funds are ready for you to drawdown. Unlike some HP, finance & PCP options with Altura, you can prepay and overpay without penalty. There are no balloon payments looming at the end, and no restrictions - you own the car from the outset.

Promotional Car Loan 6.9% (7.1% APR)

This is a very popular loan with us, as you will own the car from the outset - unlike many car finance agreements. There are NO balloon payments, NO early repayment fees. Once you know the dealer you are buying the car from, we will make the cheque payable, or transfer the funds electronically, to that dealer. This is proof of the car purchase (needed to avail of this rate).

If you are buying the car privately, you can borrow at the standard rate of 9.25% (9.68%APR), and when you receive the log book, you canconvert the loan to our promo rate.

A loan of €10,000 over 5 Years would have 60 Monthly repayments of €197.58. Total Interest Payable: €1,854.04. Total Amount Repayable €11,854.04

PCP Redemption 6.9% (7.1% APR)

At Altura Credit Union You can borrow at this great rate to finance the balloon payment on your car. You can also add the cost of upgrading, if desired at this rate. Check out our loan calculator here - you might be surprised just how affordable it is.

Why Choose a PCP Redemption Loan?
- You will OWN your car at last
- There are NO penalties for early repayment.
- Loans are insured, at no extra cost

A loan of €10,000 over 5 Years would have 60 Monthly repayments of €197.58. Total Interest Payable: €1,854.04. Total Amount Repayable €11,854.04

Standard Rate Car Loan 9.25% (9.68% APR)

This loan type is for cars being bought privately, vans and other vehicles. The standard rate is 9.25% (9.68% APR). If you are borrowing at this rate to purchase a car privately, you can convert the loan to our promotional car rate (6.9% (7.1%APR)) once you have received the log book as proof of ownership.

If you are eligible to reduce the rate, as advised by a loan officer, you will need to bring the vehicle registration certificate in to us in the loans dept., and we will quickly get you to sign up the new agreement at the lower rate.

A loan of €10,000 over 5 years would have 60 Monthly of €208.88. Total interest payable: €2531.02. Total amount repayable: €12,531.02

Promotional Vehicle Loan
7.1% Apr



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Warning: If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future. **Loans are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. APR= Annual Percentage Rate