Start Saving with Altura Credit Union Ltd.

Whether you’re saving for something in the future or just for a ’rainy day’, regular saving is a good idea. Regular saving with Altura Credit Union Ltd. is an even better idea. With us, you’re not just a customer, you’re a member of a successful financial co-operative.

Types of Savings Accounts

Altura Credit Union Ltd. operate the following types of accounts. Please note, you can only set up outgoing direct debits or standing orders on a current account.

Special Share Account (Primary Account)

This is the primary savings account. Share accounts are used for building a savings pattern / establishing the ability to put aside a given amount on a regular basis. If you drawdown a loan, your share value at the time of loan issue is held as collateral against the loan. Ask us for more information.

Current Account

As the name suggests, this is a current account with an optional debit card and also an optional overdraft to those aged 18, or over. You can set up outgoing standing orders and direct debits on this account. More information here.

Christmas Savings

In this sub-account, you can save throughout the year, and withdraw from mid-November until The end of December. This account must be brought to a zero balance annually, before saving again for the following Christmas.

Choice Account

This is a sub-account where you can save for a specific purpose, like a holiday.

Wallet Account

This is simply a sub-account where you can save for a specific purpose where you want to keep the funds separate.

Savings in the Credit Union are protected under both the Savings Protection Scheme and the Government Deposit Protection Scheme.*

Savings Caps

The Board of Altura Credit Union Limited regularly reviews its members savings strategy. Changes have been implemented which may affect your account as detailed below.

The current savings cap on our members accounts is €20,000 for adults and €10,000 for Children (15 and under).

We keep members informed via this website, in-branch notices and writing to any affected members on an ongoing basis. Please ensure the contact information we hold for you is up to date.

*Savings Caps Apply

Want more information on our Savings Cap? Click here to speak with a member of our team.